Treat yourself at these dreamy dessert spots across Saudi Arabia

Indulge yourself with a selection of the finest desserts the country has to offer. (Shutterstock)
Updated 06 December 2017

Treat yourself at these dreamy dessert spots across Saudi Arabia

DAMMAM: We are firm believers in the popular saying “dessert does not go to the stomach, it goes straight to the heart.” Well, not quite to the heart, but science does explain an amazing occurrence that happens when dessert is served.
In an article titled “why you always have room for dessert,” written for the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association, senior researcher Arnold Berstad and assistant doctor Jørgen Valeur explain that sugar in sweet food stimulates a reflex that expands your stomach. After consuming a large meal, sugar stimulates the walls of the upper section of the stomach and this relaxation reflex makes room for more food. It is a phenomenon known in popular culture as the “dessert stomach.”
With science on our side, we set out to scout the best dessert cafés and bakeries around the country. So, the next time you find yourself dreaming of dessert, check out these places and rest assured that your dessert stomach has you covered!
French Bakery: This café offers a wide array of pastries, cakes and ice-cream flavors, making it impossible to pick just one item from the dessert display. On your next visit, try the triple-chocolate cake made of creamy, white filling and dark chocolate bavarois layered with a light sponge cake. Or, you can choose the classic opera cake, with layers of delicate almond biscuit, chocolate ganache, coffee buttercream and a chocolate glaze.
This restaurant has outlets in Riyadh and Alkhobar.
Madeleine: Apart from the delicious French-influenced cuisine, this cafe serves a selection of desserts that has loyal customers coming back for more. If, like us, you are up for dessert any time, a must-try are the fluffy pancakes layered with dreamy cream and served with a tart berry coulis. Other Madeleine specials include the bread Nutella pudding and the berry tart.
This restaurant has outlets in Riyadh and Alkhobar.
Café Bateel: Café Bateel is renowned for its gourmet meals, chocolates and dates. Another offering that has locals coming back are the Arabic-fusion desserts. The classic British sticky toffee pudding is given an Arabian twist and is served as a date pudding drenched in hot, sticky date sauce with vanilla ice-cream — it is an explosion of flavors.
This restaurant has several outlets in Riyadh, Jeddah and Alkhobar.

SN Café: If you are tired of the same old macaroons or the Nutella-over-everything trend, you should head to the SN Café for a fix of inventive food. Apart from innovative dry ice beverages, the café serves concoctions, such as the “Bloody Chocolate Fall” — a dessert platter laden with chocolate cake, crumble and vanilla ice-cream, with a stream of raspberry coulis and chocolate sauce trickled over it.
This restaurant is located in Alkhobar.

Dipndip: if your regular dessert indulgence is taking a toll on your pocket, then this should be your new go-to chocolate café. The pocket-friendly dessert eatery serves crepes, waffles and other desserts, all served with rich chocolate — it is a scent that is enough to entice you into the café. Our favorites are the “Brownies and Mousse Verrine,” chunks of brownies topped with dark chocolate mousse and white chocolate-whipped ganache, and the “Brownie crepe,” which is filled with brownies and doused in their signature chocolate.
This restaurant has several outlets in Riyadh, Jeddah and Alkhobar.

Rosette Café: Visiting this place is like visiting a candy store, you just cannot settle on one dessert as everything looks so good. With its unique presentation, the special coffee is a favorite and the perfect accompaniment to your sweet treat. Try the saffron cake, a soft sponge seeped in a milky mixture that melts in your mouth. Or the “Cloud 9” cake, a masterpiece assembled by layering chocolate cake, cotton candy, crunchy cereal and warm chocolate sauce over each other. Surely this is for the child in you?
This restaurant has an outlet in Alkhobar.
Mom’s Flavor: If you are seeking some of life’s simpler pleasures, try Mom’s Flavor for fresh, hot-out-of-the-oven cakes and desserts. In the comfort of Mom’s dining room — replete with homey décor and cozy settees — sit back and enjoy decadent, comforting cakes and pastries. The “Lotus Volcano” is best described as a cross between a muffin, pancake and soufflé, oozing with Lotus Biscoff spread and salted caramel sauce. It is a match made in heaven!
This restaurant has outlets Riyadh and Alkhobar.
Pastel Café: Soaking in the Parisian-chic ambience, treat yourself to dainty desserts at the Pastel Café and Boutique. A word of caution, however, do not let the dainty serving sizes fool you, they pack a punch in every bite. If you do not believe us, try the brownie bites that ooze caramel and sea salt. If you would rather spoil yourself with a thick slice of cake, try the “Caramel Crunch” cake topped with caramel popcorn or the “Hawaiian” cake — chocolate cake sandwiched between layers of coconut shavings. If you are some Middle Eastern treats, try the decadent pistachio-and chocolate-layered cake with rose-flavoured buttercream or the fragrant cardamom and saffron cake.
This restaurant has outlets in Riyadh and Alkhobar.

Expert calls for self-examination for early detection of breast cancer

One in every eight women will suffer from breast cancer in her lifetime. (Shutterstock)
Updated 23 October 2018

Expert calls for self-examination for early detection of breast cancer

  • Women in Saudi Arabia have become more aware of the disease and receive support from their families

JEDDAH: In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Amel Merdad is providing a helpful guide about the disease to women .
Recent statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that more than 1.2 million breast cancer cases are diagnosed worldwide each year. Breast cancer kills more than 500,000 women a year. The disease ranks second in cancer incidence, after lung cancer, worldwide.
One in every eight women will breast cancer in her lifetime.
The evolution of scientific research and increased awareness have contributed significantly to the increase in recovery rates, as a result of early detection of the disease.
Ten percent of breast cancer cases occur as a result of genetic mutations inherited by the generations in a family.
The incidence of breast cancer increases with age, and it usually occurs after age 40. The average age of breast cancer patients in Saudi Arabia is 48 years and it is so worldwide. Dr. Merdad provided her advice on early screening methods. “Periodic self-breast examination helps women to be aware and familiar with their breasts so they can take care of them, being healthy and not only pretty.
Dr. Merdad added that self-breast examination is to be done once a month on the sixth or seventh day of the menstrual cycle from the age of 20 and forward. “In the case of menopause, self-examination takes place on the same date every month,” she said.
She also gave these useful guidelines:

Self testing
Stand in front of the mirror and look at the breasts to check for anything unusual, such as the presence of lumps or differences in the size of the breasts or the presence of swelling or changes in skin or nipple.
Put your hands behind your head to notice in the mirror for any difference in the lower part of your breasts. Put your hands on your waist and bend forward slightly with the pressure of the shoulders and elbows forward to check for any change in the shape or size of the breasts.
Lift your left hand and use three fingers from the right hand to examine the left breast in a circular way from the outer edge of the breast and in the direction of the nipple, focusing on the area between the breast and armpit and area under the armpit.
Repeat this step with your right breast. Press the nipple gently to observe any abnormal discharge. Repeat the previous steps while lying on your back.

Age 20-40 years old: Self-examination is recommended monthly. Also check with your doctor every three years. An ultrasound is recommended for the breast examination only if necessary.
Age 40-65 years: Self-examination is recommended monthly and check with the doctor every year. Mammograms are indicated once every one to two years for all women.
More than 65 years: Monthly self-examination and check with your doctor annually. Schedule a mammogram every two to five years.
Dr. Merdad said that taking care of a woman psychologically plays an important role in enhancing the cure rate.
“To all women. Protect your health, have a great life, and screen yourselves for breast cancer,” she added.