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Al-Ahsa 1st. Industrial City employees take fire fighting course

Sixty male and female factory employees of Al-Ahsa 1st. Industrial City took the course.
Sixty male and female factory employees of Al-Ahsa 1st. Industrial City, affiliated with Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON), have completed a training course organized jointly by MODON Security and Safety Division and the Directorate General of Civil Defense in the Eastern Province.
The four-day course included theoretical and practical training on fire fighting techniques as well as safety and evacuation procedures.
Bandar Al-Toaimi, director of marketing and corporate communications at MODON, said the course is the second of its kind and “is in line with MODON’s programs to develop and raise the level of safety in industrial cities and enhance preventive safety measures for property, to reach the highest levels of readiness and to handle any incidents that may occur.”
Al-Toaimi praised the cooperation between MODON and the civil defense branches throughout the Kingdom, praising the former’s efforts to measure the readiness and willingness of the security and safety personnel in its industrial cities to ensure the safety of life and property.
Al-Ahsa 1st. Industrial City was established in 1981 on the Dammam highway in the north of Al-Ahsa governorate. It occupies a strategic area of about 1.5 million square meter close to the city of Al-Oyoun and the GCC countries. It is one of the fastest growing industrial cities in terms of services. Al-Ahsa 1st. Industrial City has 146 factories in various industrial fields, including metal, plastic, hardware and food.

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