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Mmoshaya 2017’s most trending YouTube video in MENA

A screen grab from a video by Mmoshaya on YouTube.
YouTube released a list of this year’s top trending videos in the Middle East and North Africa on Wednesday.
Mohamed Moshaya, one of the first Arab creators dedicated entirely to family content, topped the list with a video of a compilation of his adventures with his three kids.
Like last year, all of 2017’s most trending non-music videos are by the region’s YouTube creators.
The results are also reflective of the diversity of YouTube’s audience in the Middle East. This year’s most trending music videos start with “Khamsa Adwaa” (Five Lights), a Saudi band made up of young girls. The list also includes Moroccan pop sensation Saad Lamjarad, as well as the hit single “Talat Daqat” (Three Beats) by Egypt’s Abu featuring iconic film star Yousra.
YouTube said the region’s watch time, second only to the US, grew by 60 percent last year, and by 90 percent on mobile. “We are proud of how far the Arab creator community has come, having tripled in size in the last three years. These channels grew not just in number of subscribers, but also in quality and variety, as content uploaded grew by 80 percent when compared to last year,” YouTube said.
Saudi Arabia currently constitutes one-third of total watch time on YouTube in the Arab world with 65 percent annual growth in watch time on mobile devices, of which the top content viewed includes entertainment, music and education. As for content creation, 25 percent of video uploads in the Arab world are from Saudi Arabia and 15 percent of the total watch time of local Saudi content is from outside of Saudi Arabia.
Watch time of female-led channels in the Kingdom grew by 75 percent in 2016. Moreover, the fastest growing female YouTube creators in the Arab world come from Saudi Arabia.

Top trending videos of 2017:
1. Top comedy sketch compilations by Mmoshaya
2. “The iPad Generation” episode by Swar Shuaib
3. Ramadan comedy sketch by Shady Srour
4. Lie Detector Test Challenge with Danyah Shafei by D7oomy
5. Wedding night comedy sketch by Nour Stars

Top trending music videos of 2017:
1. Five Lights — “HUSH“
2. Saad Lamjared — “LET GO“
3. Nasr Al-Bahhar — “Ma Rad Ilay“
4. Aymane Serhani — “Nebghi Djini Bsurvet“
5. Cairokee & Tarek El-Sheikh — “Al-Keif“

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