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All hail Cairo, home to cheap Uber fares

Amsterdam, Tokyo and Stockholm rank among the most expensive places to hail an Uber. (Reuters)
LONDON: A short journey in Cairo is uber-cheap — but passengers in Helsinki might feel they’re being taken for a ride.
A new ranking of Uber fares in cities around the world has highlighted a wide disparity in rates.
Cairo was rated the cheapest city in the world for a 3km Uber ride, which costs just 63 British pence (84 cents).
A similarly short trip in Helsinki, Finland will set travelers back £13.92 ($18.60), while the rate in Dublin stands at £13.43.
Amsterdam, Tokyo and Stockholm were all ranked in the top 10 most expensive places to hail an Uber ride.
RaceChip, which makes products to enhance car performance, said it studied the cost of an Uber ride in 37 cities.
Despite the Middle East boasting some of the cheapest Uber fares on the market, the study said it works out cheaper to hail a local cab. It found that local taxis in Cairo are 49 percent cheaper than Uber rides.

Local taxis are also 42 percent cheaper in Dubai and 22 percent cheaper in Istanbul.
It also found that the Middle East region offered some of the world’s cheapest public transport rates. A 3km public transport ride costs just 5 pence in Cairo, 62 pence in Dubai and 82 pence in Istanbul.
A similar ride on public transport in Stockholm, Sweden, will hit the wallet much harder at around £4.

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