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Saudi Arabia

Swine flu cases in Jeddah under control: Official

A Saudi Arabian nurse prepares a syringe to administer a vaccine at the launch of a swine flu vaccine campaign in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in this file photo. (AP)
JEDDAH: The Jeddah General Directorate of Health Affairs has confirmed that hundreds of swine flu (H1N1) cases have been recently reported in Jeddah, however, no deaths have been recorded.
The infectious disease has long been under control, and no longer a threat, according to a health official.
“Since the start of the current season, we have registered some 430 H1N1 flu cases in Jeddah, and as a result of an intensive vaccination campaign carried out by the Ministry of Health, we have been successful in helping patients overcome the acute symptoms, associated with the viral infection,” Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, a spokesman for the Jeddah General Directorate of Health Affairs, said.
Al-Ghamdi confirmed that during the past two weeks, the rate of infections has decreased in all parts of the Kingdom. He said H1N1 flu occurs annually in all countries of the world. “It is not considered a serious disease or epidemic that requires strict or preventive health measures,” he said.
“These days are considered the season when influenza-related diseases spread locally, regionally and globally. People in all regions of the Kingdom should not worry about this type of influenza,” he added.
“The H1N1 flu virus no longer requires the patient to be isolated, like what happens with the patients infected with coronavirus,” he said.
He said H1N1 is only dangerous to the elderly who have developed other diseases or to those who do not have adequate biological defenses to fight infection or diseases.
Al-Ghamdi noted that people in direct contact with an H1N1 patient are examined and administered vaccine as a precaution.
The official advised people to call 937 for any consultation related to the virus or any other health-related issue.

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