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Saudi Communications commission obliges mobile network providers to block spam SMSs

A woman uses her mobile phone. (AFP)
RIYADH: The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) this week urged mobile service providers to inform users of the quick solutions that can reduce spam text messages, SPA reported.

This is possible by allowing users to exit all the lists to which they have previously subscribed by sending a text message to one of the numbers dedicated for blocking spam, according to the CITC.

The CITC included several key bodies on white lists, from which users cannot unsubscribe like government bodies, major hospitals, universities, and schools.

In addition, the CITC urged mobile operators to undertake technical solutions within the next three months to allow users to automatically and fully control the kind and source of received text messages, which will protect them and reduce spam.

Spam text messaging, whether SMS (texts) or MMS (texts with photo or audio), is a multifaceted problem, and therefore, the CITC adopted a multifaceted approach that combines the application of regulations, international cooperation, the use of technology, raising mobile users’ awareness, and developing regulations for reducing spam.

For more on this topic, the CITC’s official website contains information on spam control regulations.

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