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UK, Saudi ministers ‘express outrage’ at Houthi killings in Sanaa

Quad meeting on Yemen held in Abu Dhabi. (MOFAUAE)
LONDON: The foreign minsters of the UK, Saudi Arabia and UAE have “expressed outrage” at reports of indiscriminate killings and intimidation by Houthi militias in Sanaa, Yemen.
They met on Dec. 10 with senior US officials in Abu Dhabi to discuss the situation in Yemen, according to a joint statement released by the British Foreign Office this week.
The ministers also condemned Houthi aggression toward members of the General People’s Congress (GPC) and their families.
They called on the Houthis “to cease actions to suppress or eliminate other political parties in Sanaa.”
Yemen’s official news agency SABA said on Tuesday that the Houthi militias have killed at least 20 people and detained dozens across the country’s north since they assassinated former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
The Houthis appear to be escalating their crackdown on any possible sign of rebellion among their one-time allies from Saleh’s party, the GPC.
During the meeting in Abu Dhabi, the officials discussed means of providing greater assistance to Yemenis in need of aid and ways of facilitating the entry of humanitarian and commercial goods.

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