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Moroccan singer Batma’s cosmetic procedures distract her audience

Dounia Batma
BEIRUT: During her appearance on the “Nights of Kuwait” TV show on Wednesday, the audience could not help but notice the dramatic changes to Moroccan singer Dounia Batma’s facial features due to numerous cosmetic procedures, Sayidaty Magazine reported.
Batma is a Moroccan singer who rose to popularity around the world as the runner-up of the first season of Arab Idol on MBC. She lost the title against Egyptian contestant Carmen Suleiman.
An Instagram user shared footage from Batma’s interview and wrote: “I am more occupied with inspecting the changes in her looks than in listening to what she’s saying.”
In her response to the criticism, Batma said: “Sticks and stones are only thrown at fruit-bearing trees. I am continuously faced with criticism, which is the biggest proof of my success, and this makes me happy because I consider it equally positive.”
She added: “Harsh criticism cannot be justified. The problem is that people judge others even without meeting them or speaking directly to them to learn more about their character.”
Batma said of her critics: “May Allah guide them.” She added: “Nowadays, kindness, goodness and spontaneity are a problem. The truth has become a lie and lies have become the truth.”
During the show, Batma said of her daughter: “Ghazal’s best quality is her beautiful voice, which resembles mine. I will share her photos on New Year’s Eve.”