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Princess Noura University hosts heritage festival

The traditional Saudi Arda dance was a key feature at the festival. (AN photo)
JEDDAH: The Saudi Heritage Preservation Society (SHPS) opened the Iqletto food festival at Princess Noura University on Wednesday. 
The event, which ends on Saturday, had many sponsors, and the guest of honor was the UAE.  
The family-friendly event featured dishes from each Saudi region and booths representing each city and its heritage. 
The booths hosted chefs flown in from their cities to provide exceptional dishes that people could sample for free. 
“The point of the tasting was to encourage people to get to know different Saudi dishes,” said SHPS member Sara Al-Karedeiss.
“We plan to expand this event to various cities in the Kingdom. Professional Saudi chefs cook in front of an audience, after which cooking workshops are held.” 
There were various performances, including the traditional Saudi Arda dance and a special heritage dance from the UAE.

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