Google commemorates 70th birthday of famous Saudi female singer

Updated 01 January 2018

Google commemorates 70th birthday of famous Saudi female singer

JEDDAH: Google Doodle paid homage to iconic Saudi singer Etab on December 30 with a colorful illustration to commemorate her 70th birthday.

Etab was a Saudi Arabian musical pioneer, one of the very first female Saudi singers to perform publicly. Her talent was discovered when she was 13 years old while singing at weddings.

Etab mixed traditional and contemporary Arab songs to create a style of her own, collaborating with top poets and singers from around the region; she produced 29 famous songs, 5 singles and 20 albums. She was nicknamed “Brunette of the Arabian Song.”

She was a prominent member of the Union of Arab Artists and the Egyptian Music Syndicate.
Google’s Doodle celebrates the cultural legacy of Etab, who would’ve been 70 years old today.

Over the years, Google has also paid homage in celebrating the birthdates of many other iconic Arab celebrities such as Nizar Qabbani, Abdel Halim Hafez, Asmahan, Faten Hamama, Youssef Chahine, Umm Kalthoum, Farid Shawki, Warda Al-Jazairia, Ismail Yasin, Khalil Gibran and many others.

Etab died on August 19, 2007 in Cairo at the age of 59, after a long battle with cancer.

Putin welcomes Saudi delegation at St. Petersburg cultural forum

Updated 28 min 54 sec ago

Putin welcomes Saudi delegation at St. Petersburg cultural forum

JEDDAH: Russian President Vladimir Putin warmly welcomed Saudi Arabia’s delegation to the 7th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum as one of the main guest countries attending the annual event.
The delegation was headed by Saudi Minister of Culture, Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, who posted a selfie with Putin on his Twitter account.
“We responded to the invitation from our friends in Russia to participate in the St. Petersburg cultural forum, and it was an opportunity to meet with officials to promote cultural cooperation,” the post said.

The forum, which ran from Nov. 15-17, was held under the theme “Culture as a Strategic Potential of the Country,” was attended by visitors from 101 countries.
Opening the forum, the Russian president expressed hope that the event would develop fruitful dialogue between society and the state.
Putin said the forum gives others a chance to get to know Russia more closely, stressed that “what distinguishes his country is the diversity of languages and traditions.”
During the visit the Saudi minister held talks with the Russian president on the sidelines of the event.
He also met his Italian counterpart, Alberto Bonisoli, on the sidelines of the forum to discuss areas of joint cooperation between the two countries and means of enhancing Saudi-Italian cultural relations.
“I was delighted to meet with the Italian Minister of Culture and we have many opportunities for a future of strong cooperation between the two countries,” Prince Badr tweeted.

Bonisoli said that culture is “a means of communication” for politics, even when serious international crises occur.
“If there are problems between two or more countries, according to their positions, culture is still a way to convey the messages of partnerships, communities, politicians, and sometimes to promote fundamental values,” he added.
The St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum annually attracts thousands of experts in the field of culture from all over the world.
Stars of theater, opera and ballet, renowned directors and musicians, public figures, representatives of and academic communities, all attend the event.
The year’s program includes 14 pavilions, including museums, circuses, theaters, cinema, literature, tourism, folklore and popular culture.