Pakistan school in Jeddah recalls Jinnah’s teachings

Updated 01 January 2018

Pakistan school in Jeddah recalls Jinnah’s teachings

On the occasion of Pakistan’s founder, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s birth anniversary, Pakistan International School Jeddah-English Section organized a commemorative event in the school auditorium.
Students from all grade levels participated devotedly and reiterated their leader’s golden scruples of life in the form of speeches, presentations and skits.
The program commenced with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an, followed by the national anthems of both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
The overwhelming performance of the senior school students, delineating some of the unusually inspiring aspects of Quaid’s life enthralled the audience.
They replicated the unforgettably stirring events of his life highlighting some of the attributes of his personality like honesty, integrity, punctuality, determination, devotion and charismatic disposition with due solemnity, sobriety and mature skills of acting and dialogue delivery.
Addressing the audience, Principal Adnan Nasir said, “The relevance of Quaid’s teachings and thought are as significant now as they were a century ago and will be applicable for all the generations to come. His golden principles of unity, faith and discipline depict his foresight and political acumen.”
He added, “Besides paying tribute to the great leader, it is a day to reiterate the resolve for reviving Quaid’s thoughts and move forward with his ideas. We must retrospect how much we have succeeded in achieving the highest objectives set by our great leader for which the state of Pakistan was created and must strive to make a positive difference toward our country’s prosperity on individual level.”

Hyundai Motor Park offers a day out for families

The custom-built track has obstacles/props simulating real-life scenarios, from paying for petrol to watching drive-in movies.
Updated 23 October 2018

Hyundai Motor Park offers a day out for families

Women in Saudi Arabia are being encouraged to get behind the wheel at a series of fun, informative events being held over the next two months.

Hyundai Motor Park 2018 will enable females with driving licenses to test-drive one of five models on a custom-built track complete with obstacles/props simulating real-life scenarios, from paying for petrol to watching drive-in movies. 

Non-drivers, husbands, and children will also be catered to with food and entertainment.

“We hope Hyundai Motor Park 2018 will boost women’s confidence and enthusiasm about the prospect of being able to drive in Saudi Arabia,” said Mike Song, head of Hyundai Middle East and Africa.

“The fun, informative sessions have been designed to address some of the most common concerns among new and infrequent drivers, such as a fear of involvement in accidents.” 

The motor park will provide education about road safety and highlight some of the technological advances that are making motoring safer. It will include a driving track featuring props that mimic real-life situations on the road, but in a secure environment. During the test-drive, motorists will navigate activities such as ordering food at a drive-through restaurant, refueling at a gas station, and finding a parking space at a mall while avoiding common hazards such as abandoned trolleys. At the end of the session, they will park in front of a “drive-in” cinema and receive an individual evaluation of their driving, plus tips.

Five Hyundai models will be available to try out. A professional driving instructor will demonstrate the vehicles’ key features, then accompany each participant on a 20-minute test-drive of the vehicle of her choice. Women who have yet to obtain their driving licenses need not miss out on the experience. They will be invited to ride in the vehicle of their choice while an instructor leads them around the course.

Each participant will be introduced to pertinent road safety topics, such as hazard perception, parking, and basic defensive driving to avoid dangerous situations. 

Hyundai Motor Park 2018 offers fun for all the family, plus five food trucks. Children will learn about how cars work by building their own model engines; other entertainment will include quizzes, a giant game of Jenga, and a session on Korean handicrafts, a collaboration with Korea Tourism Organization. 

Hyundai Motor Park 2018 will take place in Dammam from Oct. 31 to Nov. 3, in Riyadh from Nov. 14 to 17, and Jeddah from Dec. 17 to 20.