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Tunisian police disperse protests against price hikes, unemployment

Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebs during a recent press conference. Prices have been risen in the country as part of austerity measures agreed with foreign lenders. (AFP)
TUNIS: Tunisian police on Monday fired tear gas and clashed with hundreds of people protesting against unemployment, high prices and new taxes in two towns, according to reports.
The North African country raised from Jan. 1 the price of gasoil and some goods as well taxes on cars, phone calls, the Internet, hotel accommodation and other items, part of austerity measures agreed with its foreign lenders.
The economy has been in crisis since a 2011 uprising unseated the old regime and two major militant attacks in 2015 hit the tourism sector, which comprises eight percent of GDP and is a key source of foreign revenues.
Police fired tear gas in the central city of Thala to disperse hundreds demanding more development and jobs while protesting against high inflation.
The protesters burned wheels and threw stones at the police, Mohamed Hedi Omria, a resident, told Reuters. Clashes were also reported from Kasserine, another central town where hundreds protested against price increases.
In the capital Tunis, security forces dispersed small protests late on Sunday against rising prices and taxes.
On Monday, about 300 people took to the streets in the central Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid carrying banners aloft with slogans denouncing high prices.

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