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Saudi Arabia

Saudi customs bust drug smugglers with haul of 1.3m pills

Some of the Captagon pills that were seized. (SPA)
LONDON: Saudi customs authorities have foiled four attempts to smuggle Captagon pills into the Kingdom, SPA reported.
A total of 1,325,433 pills made of the amphetamine-based drug were recovered from four vehicles at the Al-Haditha crossing near the border with Jordan, it was reported.
The discovery of the pills comes after Khalid bin Ali bin Farraj Al-Omrani, a Saudi national, was executed in the Tabuk region on Wednesday for smuggling prohibited amphetamine pills.
The Ministry of Interior has said the security services are capable of deterring continued attempts to smuggle narcotics into the Kingdom.
It has warned that anyone who tries to commit such actions would be punished according to Shariah law.

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