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Did Bassma Boussel go under the knife to change her features?

Bassma Boussel
JEDDAH: Bassma Boussel, the wife of Egyptian pop star Tamer Hosny, shared new photos in which she looked completely different.
In the photos, Boussel’s complexion looked different from her usual tanned skin tone, and her makeup was bold, complementing her new look.
Many of her fans were prompted to wonder if she went under the knife to achieve this dramatic change in her looks.
Sources close to Boussel confirmed that she had not undergone any plastic surgery, but only changed her makeup colors to achieve the new look.
Boussel started her singing career on “Star Academy.” She completed several songs before eloping with pop star Tamer Hosny, who demanded that she change her career.
She decided to become a beauty expert, which was her major field of study, and Tamer started a beauty center for her. She then became a fashion designer, and Tamer helped her promote her new products and collections.