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Shaker Group promotes LG energy-efficient solutions at Jeddah expo

Shaker Group showcased its innovations at the Saudi Air Conditioning Exhibition (HVAC R Expo) in Jeddah this week.
It is in recognition of the group’s leading position in the air conditioning industry for more than 65 years of collective expertise.
Shaker's contribution to the exhibition reflects its enthusiasm to keenly participate in the vital economic activities that support the government’s efforts and move in line with Saudi Vision 2030, which focuses on achieving high-quality energy-efficient constructional projects to promote sustainable development.
At the exhibition, Shaker Group was demonstrating LG’s worldwide up-to-date advanced and energy-efficient air conditioning solutions.
Azzam Soud Almudaiheem, chief executive officer of Shaker Group, said: “Shaker Group capably adapts yearly to the myriad and rapid technological global changes and developments witnessed in the advanced air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The group dedicates its entire research and developmental capabilities and sophisticated technologies to achieve the needs of all consumers, yet moving in compliance with the government’s contributions to rationalize energy consumption.”
LG 2018 products brings integrated solutions including an assortment of functional units and multi-sized advanced residential and commercial air conditioners.
These products are mainly characterized by premium quality, high efficiency and durability, innovative specifications and lifestyle designs to satisfy every taste, provide a high degree of user comfort and safety, and help making life good with strengthening sustainability.
The event presented an ideal occasion for us to meet with customers, investors, developers, contractors and the other various parties involved in the business of residential, central and applied air conditioning systems in the Saudi market.

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