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Saudi Arabia

Four European women seek adventure at camel festival

Marie attended the camel festival with her three daughters.
RIYADH: Three women left Paris and headed toward Riyadh, where their mother works, and together they visited the second King Abdul Aziz Camel Festival in Riyadh’s southern Sayahdah district of Al-Dahnaa (120 km east of Riyadh).
Arab News spoke to Marie, who brought her daughters to the heritage village in search of an enriching adventure filled with knowledge, and she described everything she saw at the village as “awesome and amazing.”
Marie said several visits are required for touring and exploring the village and said that “the way Bedouin life was depicted is beautiful and reflects great attention to detail.”
One of her daughters suggested jokingly that they wished to see more camels in the village.
As she took photos, Marie said she would visit the village again to relive the experience, especially during winter, which is perfect for land trips.
“I am sharing everything I see here with my friends through social media because the village is worth being paid a visit,” she said.
Marie’s daughters enjoyed riding the camels and strolling across the park of Ta’aleel. They described the ride as a “unique, unexpected adventure, especially with the camels walking beautifully after each other in an organized manner.”

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