Alesayi Motors launches Mitsubishi Attrage in Saudi Arabia

The event was held in the presence of Masahiko Takahashi, president of Mitsubishi Motors Middle East & Africa FZE (MMMEA).
Updated 23 January 2018

Alesayi Motors launches Mitsubishi Attrage in Saudi Arabia

Alesayi Motors, official distributor of Mitsubishi vehicles in Saudi Arabia, recently hosted a ceremony to launch the Mitsubishi Attrage, the new compact sedan. The event was held in the presence of Masahiko Takahashi, president of Mitsubishi Motors Middle East & Africa FZE (MMMEA).
“The Mitsubishi Attrage is a compact eco-friendly car, currently manufactured at the Mitsubishi Motors operation in Thailand. Along with its very lightweight components and distinguished design, it boasts a frugal and efficient performance, which amounts to a combined class-leading fuel consumption of 22km/L,” said Bandar Saeed Alesayi, CEO of Alesayi Motors.
“Thanks to its distinctive features in the compact car range, the new Attrage is aptly positioned to achieve unprecedented success in the Saudi market for consumers looking to buy a car with such high-quality specifications under the Mitsubishi brand,” he added.
The Attrage features a short nose, which delivers an outstanding forward field of view; it also enjoys superior maneuverability, with a class leading minimum turning radius of 4.8 meters making it easy to make U-turns and cut corners on tight and narrow road conditions.
Takahashi said: “The new Attrage’s lightweight and solid RISE body constructed with high tensile steel enhances driving safety, by effectively absorbing and dispersing crash energy. Power comes from a responsive 1.2-liter three-cylinder MIVEC petrol engine that produces 78 hp, which is coupled with a five-speed manual gearbox or an automatic continuously variable transmission, which maintains optimal rpm for high performance and fuel economy, with a top speed of 170 km/hr.”
Mitsubishi celebrates its centennial year as being the first Japanese automotive brand having introduced its first mass-production car in Japanese history in 1917.
Throughout its history, the company has developed new technologies and tapped into different fields.
The Mitsubishi Pajero scored its first win at the Paris-Dakar World Rally in 1982, which allowed the company to play an instrumental role in shaping the global trend toward sports cars and to enhance driving pleasure with high-performance vehicles including SUVs.
Towards the end of the ceremony, Takahashi lauded Alesayi Motors’ efforts to enhance consumers’ confidence in Mitsubishi vehicles in the Saudi market.

Bosch opens flagship store in Jeddah

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Bosch opens flagship store in Jeddah

European home appliances brand Bosch has opened its flagship store in the Kingdom. The showroom, located in the heart of Jeddah, was recently inaugurated in the presence of Holger G. Ziegeler, the German consul general in Jeddah. 

Spread across 300 square meters of built-up area, the new Bosch store makes room for a product display ranging over 100 different appliances and models, all designed by German engineers. 

The showroom follows a two-story structure, with the ground floor dedicated to product showcases according to themes and categories. 

It hosts a welcome area, a brand heritage and innovation wall along with areas dedicated to kitchen inspiration, cooling, laundry, cooking and baking. The floor above makes room for a live cooking area and a “Perfect Kitchen” concept. 

“Our new flagship store strengthens our brand presence in the Saudi market and complements our existing network of outlets — which are currently in shop-in-shop forms,” said BSH Home Appliances CEO Tomas Alonso.

He added: “This purpose-built space will help us deliver the quality, innovation, design intelligence and efficiency that Bosch stands for. Bosch prioritizes innovation in the service of a healthy balanced life, and I look forward to people exploring the concept themselves in this beautiful new space.” 

The showroom will also showcase the strides Bosch is making toward intelligent eco-friendliness, where appliances reduce their energy and water footprints. Consumers not only give back to the environment but also save costs through reduced utility bills. 

The store, operated by Bosch Home Appliances Saudi Arabia distributor and partner Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics, also serves as a logistics hub for Bosch products across the Kingdom.

“Bosch products have proved very popular with Saudi households thanks to the brand’s association with quality, trust and excellent design. Bosch products are invented for life, with the goal of making life noticeably easier, healthier and more balanced. We are proud to be exclusive partners and distributors of Bosch in the Kingdom, and are delighted to be able to welcome customers to a new, easily accessible location,” said Hisham Hamza, CEO of Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics.

The showroom is open from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m., Saturday to Thursday.

BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH is the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe and one of the leading companies in the sector worldwide. 

The group was founded in 1967 as a joint venture between Robert Bosch GmbH (Stuttgart) and Siemens AG (Munich). Today, BSH operates 40 factories in 13 countries in Europe, the US, Latin America and Asia.