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LG unveils latest lineup of home entertainment products

Eddie Jun, president of LG Electronics Saudi Arabia.
LG Electronics has announced the launch of a new line-up of home entertainment products in the Saudi market, which includes the Nano Cell Display, OLED TVs and the premium LG Signature line-up OLED TV.
In addition to the focus on the growth of OLED TVs in 2017, LG said it is working toward setting higher standards in the HDTV sector and focusing on pushing its sales by more than 70 percent. In order to achieve this, LG has invested in innovations such as advanced Nano Cell screen and the OLED technology that deliver the “most realistic imagery and incredible viewing experience.”
LG’s OLED TVs have been recognized for their superior performance and are used by Technicolor as consumer reference displays in the production of home delivery versions of major Hollywood movies and television content such as “Logan” and “Sense 8.”
According to the electronics giant, the new high-quality Nano Cell LED technology unveils billions of rich colors with superior color accuracy, thanks to the innovative nano cells that display life-like colors for a perfect viewing experience from any angle. This technology works by absorbing excess light waves and enhancing the purity of colors displayed on the screen.
“The technology of nanoparticles is ideal for large, high-definition TVs,” said Eddie Jun, president of LG Electronics Saudi Arabia. He added: “Nano Cell technology enables a consistent color with wide viewing angles, whether seen directly in front of the screen or from an angle of 60 degrees.”
Belal Al-Shanqiti, marketing manager of LG Electronics Saudi Arabia, said: “The nano cell screens provide superior technical advantage due to its uniform particles measuring about one nanometer in diameter, displaying sharper and accurate colors even in wider angles as compared to other TVs like Quantum-dot based screens that have 10-50 atoms per diameter.”
Jun said: “LG’s accolades are especially meaningful for the company as competition in the premium TV market and the home entertainment industry has become fiercer than ever before, due in part to the growing number of competitors and the speed of innovation in technology. We are extremely glad that consumers globally have recognized LG’s pioneering leadership in innovation and technology and can understand the potential of this growth.”

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