‘The Insult’ stars celebrate Lebanon’s first-ever Oscars nomination

Actress Rita Hayek plays the wife of one of the sparring men in the film. (File photo: Reuters)
Updated 24 January 2018

‘The Insult’ stars celebrate Lebanon’s first-ever Oscars nomination

DUBAI: The cast of Oscar-nominated film “The Insult” have taken to social media to celebrate the announcement and the fact that this is the first-ever Lebanese film to be nominated for the award.
Director Ziad Doueri’s film made it through to the final five in the Foreign Language Film category of the Academy Awards 2018, up against films from Chile, Russia, Hungary and Sweden.
The stars of the film took to social media late Tuesday to celebrate the achievement.
“Too much joy. Celebrating the Oscar-nominated movie,” actress Rita Hayek, who plays the wife of one of the sparring men in the film, posted on Instagram.
“OSCARS!!!! #TheInsult is GOING TO THE OSCARS!!!” she added in a tweet.
“The Insult by Ziad Doueiri is in the Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film!!! Congratulations to The Insult family and to Lebanon,” actress Diamand Abou Abboud posted on her Instagram account.
“The Insult has been officially nominated… for the first time in Lebanese history. #ProudLebanese,” lead actor Adel Karam tweeted.
The film, set in Beirut, is about a verbal slanging match between two men that leads to a highly-publicized trial that highlights the ethnic and religious tensions simmering in Lebanese society.
In the movie, Toni, a Lebanese Christian mechanic played by Karam, smashes up repair work which had been done to an illegal pipe on his balcony by the construction crew of Palestinian foreman Yasser, portrayed by Kamel El-Basha.
Soon insults and punches fly, and the two end up in court in a trial.
“Lebanon is a complex place ... I grew up there half of my life and I know it’s always difficult to explain what the problem is,” Doueiri said in an interview with Reuters. “At the end of the day (the film) is about two ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. It’s about justice but it’s about dignity too.”
The 90th Academy Awards ceremony will take place on March 4 in Los Angeles.

Farah the Falcon swoops in to predict World Cup results, but will Saudi Arabia win?

Updated 20 June 2018

Farah the Falcon swoops in to predict World Cup results, but will Saudi Arabia win?

  • More than half her predictions have been accurate, although she was wrong about Egypt
  • Now see her make her swoop for the next Saudi Arabian match

DUBAI: South Africa’s World Cup had Paul the Octopus in 2010, Brazil’s World Cup had Big Head the loggerhead turtle in 2014, now Russia’s World Cup has Farah the Falcon.

However, the feathered flyer predicted Egypt to come out triumphant in Tuesday night’s game against host’s Russia - but the outcome was the opposite.

Farah guessed Saudi Arabia would lose its second game at the tournament against Uruguay on Wednesday.

This is not what any Saudi Arabia fan wants to see (Screenshot/Youtube: Dubai Eye 103.8 Sport)

It has been a rough group stage for Arab nations with all four countries losing their games so far.

Swooping in from her perch on the arm of her trainer, Farah – who is sponsored by UAE-based radio station Dubai Eye – glides towards one of two wooden flags bearing the colors of the countries playing against each other.

The flag she lands on is her predicted winner for the game.

So far, 10 of the 17 games played have been predicted correctly – with two of those ending in draws and seven ending with the predicted winner actually losing. This makes her accuracy at 58.8 percent.

Tunisia is predicted to lose its games on Saturday against Belgium, with Morocco set to suffer the same fate against Portugal on Wednesday according to the feathered foreseer.

Paul the Octopus was the most famous of the animal predictors, predicting 12 out of 14 matches correctly with an accuracy of 85.7 percent.

See how Farah made her Saudi Arabia v Uruguay prediction