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Umm Kulthum hashtag trends as Egyptians mark 43rd anniversary

Umm Kulthum remains a celebrated figure among Egyptians, many regarding her as the greatest singer of all time. (
The late Egyptian diva Umm Kulthum was among twitter trending topics Saturday as Egyptians marked the 43rd anniversary of the legendary singer’s passing.
More than 40 years after her death, Umm Kulthum is still celebrated by Egyptians, who regard her voice as the greatest of all time.
Known as the grand dame of Arab singing and the “Star of the Orient,” Umm Kulthum’s rich voice still resonates across the Arab world.
Twitter users shared their favorite songs through tweets that went viral on the Internet.
“I was born several years after her passing, but I still adore her voice and choice of lyrics,” wrote one Tweep.
“Years after her death, dozens have come out, but she remains the only one,” another twitter user said.
Umm Kulthum passed away on the 3rd of February 1975, aged 77. Hundreds of thousands turned out for her funeral in what is still recounted as an exceptional scene in Egyptian history.
Her legacy continues to live on as her songs pass from one generation to another, providing a unique essence of the history and culture of Egypt and the Arab world during her time.

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