Elaph news service hacked over Hariri article

Othman Al-Omeir, founder of Elaph.com, said the news source had its Facebook and Twitter accounts hacked.
Updated 07 February 2018

Elaph news service hacked over Hariri article

LONDON: The Arabic news service Elaph.com had its social media accounts compromised early on Wednesday, with hackers spreading a “fake” apology for a controversial story about Lebanese premier Saad Hariri.
The London-based portal had its Facebook and Twitter accounts hacked but fought off a sustained attempt to compromise the website itself, said Othman Al-Omeir, founder of Elaph.com.
“We have no idea who attacked us. We are in contact with our providers and other specialists to find out,” Al-Omeir told Arab News.
The hack followed a story posted at Elaph.com about relations between Lebanon and Turkey. The analysis story claimed that Hariri was leaning toward Turkey while also distancing himself from Saudi Arabia.
Hackers apparently broke into the Elaph Facebook and Twitter accounts to post a fake apology to Hariri for the story.
Al-Omeir said Elaph is now back in control of its social media accounts and plans to take “action” when the perpetrators are known.
He added that such hacking attempts are common for a news agency. “This is part of the job,” he said.

Did woman detained in Dubai airport offer Botox treatments without license?

Updated 15 August 2018

Did woman detained in Dubai airport offer Botox treatments without license?

  • More scandal surrounds the woman arrested in Dubai airport, this time over Botox treatments
  • The 44-year-old has a Facebook page advertising Botox treatments

DUBAI: In a scandal that captured the world’s imagination – quite literally in the case of some press – the Swedish dentist deported from the UAE for taking photos of an airport immigration officer, now stands accused of offering cosmetic procedures without the correct paperwork from Dubai authorities.

Ellie Holman, 44, hit the headlines when she was arrested at passport control in Dubai airport – she claimed she was detained because she had drunk a glass of wine on an Emirates flight – but it was later revealed she had been abusive towards an immigration officer and took his photograph.

Now it has been revealed that during previous visits to Dubai, Holman had advertised Botox injections – as well as other procedures – according to her own social media posts – UAE daily The National reported.

According to the newspaper, Holman runs a clinic in Sevenoaks, Kent, under the name Dr Ellie Holman Aesthetics.

Her advertising states that the clinic offers “botox and filler treatments,” adding that Holman is a “qualified dental surgeon” with more than “13 years experience in aesthetic medicine.”

And on a Facebook page for her practice, there are various mentions of procedures carried out in Dubai - some of the posts include the hashtag “dubaiclinicstories.”

Image from her Dr Ellie Holman Aesthetics Facebook page (Courtesy of social media)

In one post from May 26, 2017, highlighted by the report, are the words “Dubai we are coming for you.”

The post also included a series of hashtags including “dubaiclinic” and “drellieholmandubai.”

A screengrab of  a post on her "Dr Ellie Holman Aesthetics" Facebook page appearing to suggest she was offering work in Dubai

Since her arrest there have been a number of posts on a Facebook group for British expats, including one claiming she had been “operating ... in Dubai for years.”

According to The National, Holman appears not to have the necessary registration to work as a medical professional in the UAE.

Under Dubai Health Authority regulations, it is stated that the only people allowed to carry out “fillers and botulinum toxin injections [botox]” are DHA registered medical consultants and specialist physicians.

Otherwise, it adds, “non-surgical cosmetic services will be provided in DHA-licensed facilities.”

But according to the report Holman is not listed in the online directory of the DHA.

Holman’s, possibly unintended, rise to stardom happened following her arrest at Dubai airport.

She claimed it was because she drank a complimentary glass of wine on an Emirates flight and that she feared for her safety when she was locked up in a Dubai jail.

The British press leapt on the story, eager for an opportunity to once again slam Dubai, but the UAE government revealed in a statement what had really happened.

It turned out that Iranian-born mother-of-three, Holman, had attempted to enter the UAE on her expired Swedish passport, before than trying to use her Iranian passport without a visa.

When she was told of the costs and time it would involve she responded “angrily.”

A statement issued by the Dubai attorney explained: “Ms. Holman refused angrily due to the additional payment fees the process would require, and proceeded to verbally insult the immigration officer and take photos of the officer via her phone,” a statement from Al-Humaidan said.

Holman has denied she was abusive and says she was detained for days.