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Thick fog blamed as second pile-up on UAE road in 3 days leaves 9 injured

Dubai Police shut traffic on the road and diverted vehicles to facilitate the arrival of ambulances and rescue teams. Courtesy Dubai Police
Nine people were hurt when 28 vehicles got involved along Emirates Road leading to Abu Dhabi. Courtesy Dubai Police
DUBAI: Nine people were injured in a 28-vehicle pile-up on Thursday, just days after a road smash involving up to 70 vehicles, that left 22 hurt – two critically – both incidents happened in thick fog.
Thursday morning’s smash happened in Dubai on Emirates Road leading to Abu Dhabi.
Brig. Saif Muhair Al-Mazroui, Director of Traffic Department in Dubai Police, confirmed that reduced visibility caused by thick morning fog had led to the crash.
A similar incident occurred on Tuesday when dozens of vehicles piled-up in heavy fog on the E311 road, also known as the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road. Police said that people were driving too fast on that occasion considering the reduced visibility.
Dramatic footage of the accident, which happened at about 8 a.m. local time, showed people running for their lives as more vehicles ran into the mangled remains of other vehicles – in one case a lorry could be seen hitting and SUV, knocking it onto its roof.

Dubai Police closed the road on Thursday to allow emergency vehicles through, as well as to divert vehicles to places where they were able to park while not becoming part of the crash themselves, Al-Mazroui said.
With the foggy conditions hampering traffic safety, Al-Mazroui called on motorists to take extra precaution to reduce their speed, allowing sufficient breaking distance for vehicles in front. Here is another video of Tuesday’s accident: