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Saudi Arabia

Pakistani envoy to Riyadh praises Arab News’ bid to bring regions closer

JEDDAH: Pakistan’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Khan Hasham bin Saddique, has congratulated Arab News Editor-in-Chief Faisal J. Abbas on the launch of the newspaper’s Pakistan edition.
“I congratulate you (Abbas) and your team on the successful launch of the Arab News online edition in Pakistan,” said Hasham bin Saddique in a message addressed to the editor in chief on Thursday.
“The strategic significance of Pakistan, and the historic ties that Pakistan shares with Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, make it a very suitable choice for the launch of an international edition,” he said.
“It will play a key role in bringing together the two regions, specifically Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, and will enhance bilateral relations,” said the Riyadh-based ambassador.
“Arab News is an influential newspaper in the Arab world and has a wide readership across the globe,” said Hasham bin Saddique.
“The launch of the Pakistan edition will help in sharing the message of peace, goodwill and brotherhood to the world community,” he said.
“It will also improve understanding by the two countries’ populations, not only of their decades-old fraternal ties but also of their individual and joint efforts to achieve peace and security in the region,” he added.
“Modern digital media has a very significant role to play in bringing the world together for the common cause of the betterment of mankind, and I hope that you and your team will successfully rise to this challenge,” he said. 
“I also pray for your success, and wish that Arab News will reach new heights under your leadership.”
Pakistan’s Consul General in Jeddah, Shehryar Akbar Khan, lauded the role of Arab News in promoting bilateral relations through its media support. He commended Abbas and his team for the successful launch of the Pakistan edition.
Announcing the launch of the Pakistan online edition on Thursday, Abbas described the move as part of the newspaper’s ongoing global and digital expansion.
The service — available in English at — covers news and views from Pakistan and the wider region, with a particular focus on Islamabad’s ties with Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.
Abbas said the new service aims to develop “a two-way conversation with an extremely important target market for us.” 
He cited the strategic significance of Pakistan, and the historic ties it shares with Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in general.
“Arab News is already a recognizable brand among many Pakistanis, given its deeply rooted relationship with the huge expat community in Saudi Arabia, where our newspaper was founded in 1975,” Abbas said.
“There are numerous shared ambitions, opportunities and areas of common interest between Pakistan and Arab countries, from religion and culture to defense and trade ties. All of these areas will be covered extensively by our new dedicated digital service.”

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