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PHOTOS: Dubai records over 500 traffic accidents in 6 hours

Dubai police recorded a total of 564 accidents in 6 hours. (Abu Dhabi Police)
Dubai police recorded a total of 564 accidents in 6 hours on Thursday morning due to foggy weather, UAE daily Gulf News reported.  
The Command and Control Unit said that it logged over 3,000 emergency calls during 6am and 12pm local time.
The most severe accident involved 28 vehicles that injured nine people were injured in the incident.
(Abu Dhabi Police)

“Heavy fog was the main reason,” Brigadier Al Mazroui said, explaining that the accident caused a tailback on Emirates Road towards Abu Dhabi.
Due to the accident, Dubai Police blocked the traffic on Emirates Road and diverted trucks to designated parking areas.
Patrols spread along the road to warn other drivers to slow down to allow ambulances and rescue patrols to get through.
(Abu Dhabi Police)

Fog continues to engulf many parts of the country, with poor and limited visibility reported on Friday, weather forecasters said.
Earlier in the week a lorry crash caused a 44-car pile-up that left 22 people injured. Footage captured the moment a man avoided being crushed under the lorry by just seconds before the big crash.
Another video showed the destruction left behind, filming crushed bodies of cars and debris littering the flood of the road in the thick fog.

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