Egyptian actress rejects relationship rumors

May Ezzedine
Updated 10 February 2018

Egyptian actress rejects relationship rumors

JEDDAH: Egyptian actress May Ezzedine has denied rumors of alleged relationships with fellow celebrities.
Some industry watchers have questioned whether Ezzedine deliberately started the rumors in order to raise her profile, given that pictures she shared on her social media channels played a major role in fueling the speculation that she was involved in relationships with performers including Nader Al-Atat and Ahmed Al-Saadani.
But Ezzedine has said Instagram posts of her with male artists accompanied by captions like “I love you” have been “misinterpreted.”
She also claimed that she shared a photo of an engagement ring simply because it made her feel “optimistic,” and not because she was in a relationship.

Oman supermarket manager sacks employee for insulting Kerala flood victims

Updated 21 August 2018

Oman supermarket manager sacks employee for insulting Kerala flood victims

  • Hundreds of people have died in the floods that have devastated entire areas of Kerala
  • The man was responding to an offer to send help to flood victims when he posted the insults

DUBAI: A supermarket manager in Oman sacked a cashier after they posted insulting comments about the Kerala flood victims on social media, national daily, Times of Oman reported.

The cashier – who is also from Kerala - was replying to a post on Facebook in which someone had asked about sending supplies to the worst hit areas of the southern Indian state.

At least 400 people have been killed and hundreds of thousands have been displaced in the floods that have devastated vast areas of the Indian state.

The man’s comments – which the newspaper described as “insulting” – caused a backlash, with people slamming the man for his insensitivity.

Eventually his post was spotted by his employers and a letter was sent, announcing his termination from the company, the report added.

“This is to inform you that we have terminated you from services with immediate effect because of your highly insensitive and derogatory comments on social media with regard to the current flood situation in Kerala, India,” the letter stated.

The man has since tried to apologize, claiming in a video he posted on Facebook that he was intoxicated from unspecified substances.

He said in this video: “I apologize to everyone in Kerala. Because of my foolishness, a mistake happened on my behalf. I request everyone to forgive me. After that comment, my friends and others have been abusing me on Facebook.”