E-rent network launched to organize Saudi real estate sector

Real estate brokers across Saudi Arabia must document a unified rent contract in the e-ejar network. (SPA)
Updated 13 February 2018

E-rent network launched to organize Saudi real estate sector

RIYADH: An electronic rent project has been launched to facilitate electronic payments and minimize disputes, the Saudi Press Agency reported.
According to the project, launched jointly by the ministries of housing and justice, real estate brokers across the Kingdom must document a unified rent contract in the e-ejar network as an approved contract and an executive document.
The launch of the network represents plans to facilitate a rent process between tenants, landlords and real estate brokers that will minimize disputes and find a quick solution to such conflicts, Housing Minister Majid Al-Hogail said.
He said all parties of the rent contract across the Kingdom can use the network’s electronic services at the nearest approved real estate brokerage office. Research for brokers can be accessed through the “real estate brokers” application.
Minister of Justice Waleed Al-Samaani said the unified rent contract will have a positive impact on the judicial sector as it will greatly minimize the flow of cases related to the rent sector.
He said the contract is meant to streamline relations and responsibility limits between the contractual parties through its authentication via the electronic network.
The new initiative is being worked out in cooperation with other government agencies including the ministries of interior and communications.
Minister of Communication and Information Technology Abdullah Al-Suwaha praised the partnership between different government parties for launching the electronic rent program.
He referred to the automation of procedures for more than 2.5 million housing units through the exchange of government information to provide rent services accurately, quickly and safely.

Saudi Arabia to release 1,000 Ethiopian prisoners

Ethiopian immigrants returning from Saudi Arabia arrive at Addis Ababa's Bole International Airport in this December 10, 2013 photo. Hundreds of thousands of undocumented Ethiopians were sent home in 2013 but they have apparently been replaced by new arrivals in the succeeding years. (AFP file photo)
Updated 20 May 2018

Saudi Arabia to release 1,000 Ethiopian prisoners

  • Hundreds of thousands of undocumented Ethiopian migrants were repatriated from Saudi Arabia in 2013.
  • Officials in Riyadh are in the process of deporting more than 500,000 Ethiopian migrants this year.

ADDIS ABABA: Saudi Arabia has agreed to release 1,000 Ethiopian nationals who have been in prison in the Gulf state for a variety of offenses, Ethiopian state-affiliated media said on Saturday.

The decision was made following a request by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who was in Riyadh on an official visit this week, Fana Broadcasting Corporation reported.

The agency said among the detainees were 100 women. It did not disclose what the charges were. Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian nationals live in the Gulf region, mostly in Saudi Arabia.

Officials in Riyadh are in the process of deporting more than 500,000 undocumented Ethiopian migrants.

So far, 160,000 have arrived back in the Horn of Africa country.

During his recent visit to Riyadh, Ahmed met with leaders of Ethiopian community and discussed setting up a strong partnership between the government and the community to address challenges they are facing.

The trip is his first outside Africa after three visits to neighbouring countries. The East African nation secured thousands of exit visas for its nationals and flew them back home.

Established diplomatic relations in 1948, Saudi Arabia is among the first Arab countries to open embassy in Addis Ababa.