UAE businessman, philanthropist Al-Habtoor launches $500,000 children’s fund in Illinois

Khalaf Ahmad Al-Habtoor addresses a press conference in Springfield, Illinois on Feb. 8.
Updated 13 February 2018

UAE businessman, philanthropist Al-Habtoor launches $500,000 children’s fund in Illinois

Khalaf Ahmad Al-Habtoor, a well-known businessman and philanthropist, has launched a children’s fund in Central Illinois. He said America needs to do more to address hunger and homelessness in the country. His comments came as US President Donald Trump took credit for a strong US economy and job growth in a speech in Ohio last week. Al-Habtoor said that the US government needs to do more to address the issue on US soil.
“President Donald Trump is giving himself credit for a strong economy but he needs to prioritize the lack of basic human rights for many Americans,” Al-Habtoor said. “The US homeless population increased for the first time since 2010 under the Trump administration. The US is the world’s biggest economy, where homelessness and poverty should not be an issue.”
The US Department of Housing and Urban Development acknowledged at the end of 2017 in its annual Point in Time count that there are 554,000 homeless people in the US. That is a one percent jump from the previous year, while the official poverty rate is around 12.7 percent according to data from the US Census Bureau. Separately, Feeding America states that more than 46 million people in American turn to them for food each year.
Al-Habtoor is in the US for the launch of the “Dr. Khalaf Al-Habtoor and Congressman Paul Findley’s Children Fund.” His $500,000 contribution, which has been awarded to the Central Illinois Foodbank in Springfield, will be used to establish an endowment to fund programs that provide food to people in need throughout the foodbank’s 21 counties.
Al-Habtoor learned of the Central Illinois Foodbank and its outstanding performance in providing for the needs of the hungry through his long-term relationship with retired US Congressman Paul Findley.
At a press conference attended by state and community leaders in Springfield, Illinois on Feb. 8, Al-Habtoor said: “I believe that philanthropy should be independent of race, religion and geography. When God gives you something, you have to give part of it to people in need without differentiation. You have to help everyone. The three main religions — Judaism, Christianity and Islam — teach us that. All people have the right to live a decent life. With this thought in mind, I am very grateful and find much serenity through giving and sharing with the people and children of Central Illinois.”
He added, “I am deeply grateful to Congressman Paul Findley for his vision and the commitments he has made as a tireless public servant in retirement. I would also like to thank the Central Illinois Foodbank for its diligent pursuit of its mission to serve those in need of food and develop creative solutions to end hunger.”

Shaza Makkah opens doors in holy city

Updated 12 August 2018

Shaza Makkah opens doors in holy city

Shaza Hotels, a luxury hotel brand that embraces the cultures of the Middle East, is making its debut in the holy city of Makkah with the opening of Shaza Makkah. The hotel is located within the precincts of Al-Masjid Al-Haram and the new Jabal Ka’aba district. 

“Respectful luxury, serenity that soothes the soul and a contemporary interpretation of the Arabian motifs form the core of design at Shaza Makkah,” said a press release.

“The thoughtfully crafted 251 rooms and suites at Shaza Makkah are enhanced by many having beautiful views of the Holy Mosque. Small by choice, the hotel’s bespoke services and restaurants and meeting spaces add a new dimension to the experience. Shaza Makkah epitomizes the essence of the Shaza brand, dedicated to offering a unique luxury hospitality experience inspired by the legendary traditions of the famous Silk Route.” 

Khalid Saud Abu Haimed, chief executive officer of Sulaiman Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi Real Estate Investments Company, said: “We are delighted to open Shaza Makkah Hotel which will be the crown jewel property for Al-Rajhi Investments’ portfolio of real estate assets. This is our third hotel opening in Makkah, among the other projects in our development pipeline and I am certain, similar to our other hotels, Shaza Makkah will become the permanent and distinguishing destination for guests visiting Makkah.”

Simon Coombs, president and CEO of Shaza Hotels, said: “Opening of Shaza Makkah marks a key milestone for Shaza Hotels. We are honored to partner with Al-Rajhi Investments in opening their flagship hotel in the holy city of Makkah. It is our endeavor to create a new approach, one of handcrafted guest experiences in an oasis of calm. In tune with the potential of Vision 2030, Shaza Hotels will strive to create distinctive hotels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Salim Khan, head of asset management — hotels at Al-Rajhi Investments, said: “Having 251 keys as compared to other hotels with larger inventories in the central area, will give us the leverage to target the optimum business mix with strong focus on distinctive quality of services that would be provided to the guests.”

Shaza Makkah is part of the Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) and offers its guests unique experiences with Shaza Discovery loyalty program. The program includes more than 10 million members, across 35 brands, and encompassing over 550 upscale and luxury hotels with 110,000 rooms across 76 different countries.