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African fashion on display at early ‘Black Panther’ shows

This image released by Disney shows Lupita Nyong'o in a scene from Marvel Studios' Black Panther. (AP)
“Black Panther” is inspiring moviegoers to dress up for the superhero film, but it’s not the typical costume play.
Fans donned bright dresses, head scarves, tribal shirts and traditional African garb for the first showings Thursday of Marvel Studios’ latest blockbuster.
At a theater in New York’s Times Square, Miquain Gainey wore a Basotho blanket that is used by a South African tribe for his first viewing of the film. He says he wanted not only to have something that reflected the film’s fashion, but also keep him warm.
In Nashville, some parents brought their children with their entire families decked out in traditional African attire.
Tattoo artist Elisheba Marozik says fans are excited because the film shows a vision of Africa that is rarely seen in cinemas.