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Student ‘slapped 12 times’ for eating during class in Egypt’s Luxor

Egyptian school children can be seen in this file photo. (Reuters)
LUXOR: A student at a school in Egypt’s governorate of Luxor was “slapped 12 times” by his teacher for allegedly eating his sandwich during class, a local news report said.
The student’s father is accusing a teacher at an elementary school of beating his son and slapping him 12 times on the face for eating during class time, a report by Masrawy said.
The assault reputedly led to facial bruises and bleeding from the student’s mouth as a result of him being pushed against the wall, the father was quoted as saying.
An official at the education directory in the governorate of Luxor said Saturday that investigations have been launched into the incident, adding that the medical report on the child’s case was also filed.

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