Mumbai Bazar reopens renovated showroom

The store is located on the first floor of the LuLu Hypermarkets in the Riyadh Avenue Mall in the Murabba district.
Updated 17 February 2018

Mumbai Bazar reopens renovated showroom

The expanded and renovated showroom of Mumbai Bazar reopened recently at the Riyadh Avenue Mall. An exclusive Indian fashion boutique, Mumbai Bazar caters to the fashion-conscious women in Saudi Arabia.
Mumbai is the fashion capital of India, and is home to the largest brand ambassador of Indian fashion to the outside world — Bollywood. The clothes identify with the vibrant culture and avante garde trends of the city.
Located on the first floor of the LuLu Hypermarkets in the Riyadh Avenue Mall in the Murabba district, the showroom is easily accessible.
“We know that each woman is unique and the clothes that she wears should reflect her true personality. Our clothes reflect ethical Indian values of grace in a true fashion expression. We also aim to create style statements with our innovative designs and impeccable styles. Our ensemble, using traditional Indian craftsmanship, intricate embroidery and rich textures to meet the evolving needs of the Indian consumer, is a reflection of casual yet classy elegance,” a press release said.

Shell KSA supports special needs children

The event organized by the Disabled Children’s Association was held on Nov. 12.
Updated 09 December 2018

Shell KSA supports special needs children

Shell Saudi Arabia has announced the continuation of its sponsorship for the Disabled Children’s Association (DCA) art program for two years (2018-2019). The announcement, made at an event organized by the DCA on Nov. 12, is part of Shell Saudi Arabia’s ongoing support for children with special needs.

Since its establishment in 1981, the Disabled Children’s Association has become one of the largest institutions specialized in the care of children with special needs in the Arab world.

The program held last month promoted the skills and artworks of such children.

To mark the collaboration between the two organizations, Abdulrahman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Suwailim, vice chairman of the Disabled Children’s Association’s executive committee, presented a commemorative shield to Mohammed Al-Zomaia, Shell Saudi Arabia’s general manager for corporate development.

“At Shell, we believe in creating an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive. Today’s talent is more diverse than ever before. An inclusive environment is key to innovating, developing and retaining talent, and it begins with the youngest members of our communities,” said Al-Zomaia.

Shell has been active in the Kingdom for over seven decades and has a wide variety of social investment activities in the country, many of which are centered around youth empowerment, such as Shell Intilaaqah and FutbolNet.

Shell Intilaaqah aims to strengthen young people’s career options by enabling them to switch from being an employee to becoming an employer, or making the transition from seeking employment to creating employment. Shell’s trainees have set up 1,100 businesses, in addition to 500 existing small and medium businesses. Together, they created over 3,000 jobs. Shell Intilaaqah has been training Saudi entrepreneurs since 2010. Over the past years, Shell Intilaaqah trained, supported and mentored 10,000 Saudis — the majority of whom were women. 

Shell and Football Club (FC) Barcelona Foundation work together and use football to teach children the importance of values. The FutbolNet program is a 12-week football training course for children supported by dedicated coaches. Futbolnet aims to infuse values like respect, teamwork and commitment, which are key for the children to develop as happy, healthy and value-adding individuals.