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Angry villagers blind man by injecting his eyes with acid for eloping with boss’s wife

The man had acid injected into his eyes after eloping with his boss's wife. (Social media)
DUBAI: A man was found crying in agony, dumped in a road-side ditch, after he was kidnapped by gangs of villagers who injected his eyes with acid after he had eloped with his boss’s wife, local media reported.
The incident, which took place near the northeastern city of Patna, left the man permanently blinded.
“The incident is the outcome of the love affair – the woman had eloped with the victim. Police found her later and handed to her husband. We have arrested one person so far,” local deputy superintendent of police BK Singh told the media.
Guam Kumar Chaudhry was working as a tractor driver when he fell in love with his employer’s wife.
After eloping with the mother of two, the husband filed a case with the police to track his wife.
Chaudhry was called by his lover’s family members who tricked him into meeting her in a secluded area, but he was kidnapped by villagers who beat him and then injected him with the acid.
He was taken to hospital, but will be permanently blinded from the attack.