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‘Dozens’ of Russians injured in attack, says ministry

A photo taken on February 20, 2018 shows a convoy of pro-Syrian government fighters flashing the victory gesture as they ride through the windows of pickup trucks upon arriving in Syria's northern region of Afrin. (AFP)
MOSCOW: Moscow on Tuesday said dozens of Russian citizens were injured this month in Syria but denied any responsibility for their activities, amid mounting reports of casualties among Russian mercenaries.
The US coalition on Feb. 7 struck a formation attacking a position of the Syrian Democratic Force east of the Euphrates river in eastern Syria, killing about 100 people.
Many Russian mercenaries were reported killed in the strike, according to their relatives and paramilitary groups, as well as political organizations that published information about the casualties.
The Russian Foreign Ministry, which previously said that five Russian citizens were likely killed, on Tuesday released a statement that “there are also several dozens of injured” in the attack.
It said “there are Russian citizens in Syria who went there with various goals” and “it is not up to the foreign ministry to evaluate the legality of their decisions.”
The ministry said it had helped the injured Russians return home where they were “receiving medical care in various medical institutions.”

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