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FBI ‘Daesh informant’ officer convicted at terrorism trial faces decades in prison

Ex-Metro cop Nicholas Young, 38, was convicted of trying to help Daesh. (NYDailyNews)
ALEXANDRIA: A former transit-agency police officer convicted in a sting operation of attempting to help the militant group Daesh could face decades in prison at his sentencing hearing.
Thirty-eight-year-old Nicholas Young was a patrol officer in the D.C. region’s Metrorail system. He was known as “Officer Friendly” at the Takoma Park station where he was assigned.
A federal jury convicted Young in December on multiple counts, including attempted material support of a terrorist group.
Young purchased more than $200 in gift cards he believed would be used to purchase mobile-phone apps that Daesh could use to communicate securely. In reality, though, Young’s Daesh connection was an FBI informant.
Young argued unsuccessfully at trial that he was entrapped. He faces up to 60 years at his sentencing hearing Friday.