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Arab pop icon Kazem Al Saher gets engaged

File photo grab courtesy of @kadimalsahirofficial
LONDON: Arab pop star Kazem Al-Saher is finally to tie the knot after 18 years of celibacy. Al Saher who was born in Mosul in Iraq confirmed he is engaged to Sarah a 35 year old Tunisian. His engagement announcement went viral on social media and hashtags on the topic were widely trending.
It took the Iraqi singer, composer, and songwriter two days to respond to rumors about his engagement.

A video posted on Friday documents the moment Al-Saher confirmed that he got engaged to Sarah during a concert.
The relationship between Al-Saher, 60, and Sarah, 35, has been the talk of social media platforms across the Arabic speaking world with photos, videos and gossip exchanged widely. Some reports have suggested the couple had met in London five years ago.

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