Toshiba launches world’s first multifunction hybrid printing system

Saudi Arabia has been chosen as the first country to launch this product within the GCC countries.
Updated 03 March 2018

Toshiba launches world’s first multifunction hybrid printing system

Toshiba TEC and Arabian Business Machine Co. (Olayan) have announced the launch of the e-STUDIO 3508LP series. It is the world’s first series of monochrome multifunction systems with Toshiba’s unique hybrid print technology. Saudi Arabia has been chosen as the first country to launch this product within the GCC countries.
“With the increase in environmental awareness, we truly believe that in today’s world businesses have to operate efficiently, economically and ecologically if they want to be successful,” said Pradeep Kumar, head of business solutions at Toshiba Gulf.
He added: “Our unique hybrid print technology, which is also the world’s first, allows businesses to print efficiently while also achieving their environmental goals. By bridging the gap between reducing paper usage and recycling paper, our customers can use less paper without having to change their printing habits.”
Toshiba has a strong and successful partnership with Arabian Business Machine Co. (ABM) and Olayan in Saudi Arabia since 1983 and for the high level of commitment toward the business, Toshiba has been presented the ABM “Outstanding Achievement” award in the “Color MFP & Solution Sales in MEA region” category.
Newly and recently launched eBN series models allow customizable user interface (UI) based on customer requirements.
e-Bridge Cloud Connect(ECC), a remote fleet monitoring and service management tool, helps ABM to remotely monitor the existing Toshiba machines and manage them proactively.
Toshiba e-STUDIO3508LP has won the Buyers Lab’s Outstanding Achievement in Innovation award. For over 50 years, Buyers Lab has been the global document imaging industry’s resource for unbiased and reliable information, test data, and competitive selling tools.
Ihab Wahba, general manager of Arabian Business Machines Co., said: “Toshiba’s innovative and unique printing technologies represent an important drive in the protection of our ecosystem and utilization of ecofriendly machines that help save the environment and natural resources for the coming generations.”
He added: “We, at ABM, offer managed print services to our valued existing and new customers, to get a crystal-clear vision of printing environment and reduce operating costs and avoid paper wastage while enhancing performance and productivity, and saving the environment.”

Splash breathes new life into old garments

Updated 23 June 2018

Splash breathes new life into old garments

Splash, UAE’s largest fast-fashion retailer, has launched the “Life After Fashion” initiative. 

The campaign aims at progressing the brand’s sustainable practices by giving back to the less fortunate. 

The initiative involves a close collaboration with neighborhood laundries that collect unwanted clothing items, which are then recycled and distributed by Hands Industries, a modern textile recycler and exporter of second-hand clothing.  

The UAE has become one of the world’s largest retail hubs, where fashion trends are current, and constantly evolving. 

This rapidly developing fashion sector has, however, made fashion highly disposable for a substantial portion of the population and used clothing items often find their ways to landfills instead of being donated to those who would benefit from them.   

Neighborhood laundries have been encouraged to deliver clothes hangers to their customers that are creatively customized with faces of people in need of donated clothes. 

The campaign, having run for three months has already resulted in the collection of eight tons of donated clothes, which are being distributed in a variety of ways. Hands Industries categorizes them into provision for used clothing markets, donation to African countries or for recycling purposes. The initiative will now become a year-round event due to its resonance with the public and its great cost efficiencies.   

Raza Beig, CEO, Splash, Iconic and Landmark International, said: “Today, markets are overloaded with unwanted, unused clothes and we have set out to turn that scenario into a positive with this initiative.  We truly value our partnership with both our laundry partners and Hands Industries who share a common vision with us for responsible sustainability and helping the less fortunate. The general public has been very receptive to our initiative and we are grateful for all of the generous contributions they have made so far.”