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Syrian man confesses to killing his wife in Facebook Live video

Abu Marwan allegedly appeared in a Facebook Live video soon after murdering his wife. (Photo: Screen grab courtesy of social media)
CAIRO: With drops of blood falling from his hands, a Syrian man appeared in a Facebook Live video soon after murdering his wife, according to newspapers reports.
The man, identified as Abu Marwan, is a Syrian refugee residing in Germany, who stabbed his wife to death on Friday and aired his confession in a live video on Facebook.
He claimed that he killed his wife because “she wanted to marry another Lebanese man after divorcing him,” German news reports have said.
Abu Marwan, 41, reportedly killed his wife, 37, by stabbing her at least five times in the neck, before escaping with his twelve-year-old son.
He then appeared in a Facebook Live stream, alongside his son, to justify why he stabbed his wife to death. The suspect was seen in the video holding a knife and bleeding due to a cut sustained in his hand.
German prosecutors in Karlsruhe issued an arrest warrant for the suspect and arrested him shortly after he escaped the crime scene.
The couple’s underage daughter reported the murder of her mother to the police at around 4:30 PM local time.
In the video, Abu Marwan said his act was “a message to all women who angered their husbands,” warning that “this is how you’ll end.” He also urged viewers to widely share the video.
The crime marks the latest incident in a long list of gruesome murders caught on Facebook’s Live streaming service. It had been previously used to broadcast the aftermath of crimes to millions around the world using the social network.
Last week, a North Carolina man was shot to death while streaming on Facebook Live shortly after he left a police station.
In another incident, the aftermath of the police shooting of Philando Castile in 2016 went viral after his fiancee appeared live on Facebook because she wanted to explain what had happened.