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HSBC Saudi Arabia hosts investor forum

The annual HSBC Saudi Arabia investor forum was recently held in Riyadh. The forum aims to introduce foreign investors to listed companies in the Saudi Stock Exchange, by inviting more than a 100 investors that represent large global investment companies to attend meetings with 35 listed Saudi companies from various sectors of the Saudi financial market, such as banking, petrochemical industries, telecommunications, cement industries, the food industry and real estate.
The chief executive officer and board member of HSBC Saudi Arabia, Majed Najm, said: “The aim of this annual forum is to encourage foreign investors to invest in the Saudi stock market, by organizing meetings especially for them with the management teams of listed companies and introducing them to the global standards of the Saudi financial market, which covers the governance of companies and the transparency of the market, so that it will be a positive incentive to attract major investors to the Saudi financial market.”

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