Mobily partners with Nokia for 5G tests in KSA

The MoU was signed recently in Barcelona by Ahmed Aboudoma, Mobily CEO, and Ashish Chowdhary, chief customer operations officer at Nokia.
Updated 04 March 2018

Mobily partners with Nokia for 5G tests in KSA

Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Nokia to launch 5G tests for the first time in the Kingdom. The MoU was signed recently in Barcelona by Ahmed Aboudoma, Mobily CEO, and Ashish Chowdhary, chief customer operations officer at Nokia.
Mobily and Nokia are collaborating in a strategic vision to develop 5G toward the next generation of advanced bandwidth networks. The MoU includes introducing new technologies in the Mobily network, such as 4.5G LET, 4.9G, 5G, transport modernization for both optic and IP, and fixed wireless access technologies including FastMile and wireless PON.
Mobily CEO Aboudoma said: “We are working at Mobily to achieve one of the pillars of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, in which the Kingdom is seeking to increase high-speed Internet coverage in different regions of the country, and enhance the quality of connection. In order to achieve this goal, we are signing an MoU with Nokia and other enterprises that have a track record in launching new telecom technologies.”
The MoU is in line with Mobily’s aim to achieve one of the goals of Vision 2030, focusing on the development of the Kingdom’s technologies to be at par with the international telecom industry.

Splash breathes new life into old garments

Updated 23 June 2018

Splash breathes new life into old garments

Splash, UAE’s largest fast-fashion retailer, has launched the “Life After Fashion” initiative. 

The campaign aims at progressing the brand’s sustainable practices by giving back to the less fortunate. 

The initiative involves a close collaboration with neighborhood laundries that collect unwanted clothing items, which are then recycled and distributed by Hands Industries, a modern textile recycler and exporter of second-hand clothing.  

The UAE has become one of the world’s largest retail hubs, where fashion trends are current, and constantly evolving. 

This rapidly developing fashion sector has, however, made fashion highly disposable for a substantial portion of the population and used clothing items often find their ways to landfills instead of being donated to those who would benefit from them.   

Neighborhood laundries have been encouraged to deliver clothes hangers to their customers that are creatively customized with faces of people in need of donated clothes. 

The campaign, having run for three months has already resulted in the collection of eight tons of donated clothes, which are being distributed in a variety of ways. Hands Industries categorizes them into provision for used clothing markets, donation to African countries or for recycling purposes. The initiative will now become a year-round event due to its resonance with the public and its great cost efficiencies.   

Raza Beig, CEO, Splash, Iconic and Landmark International, said: “Today, markets are overloaded with unwanted, unused clothes and we have set out to turn that scenario into a positive with this initiative.  We truly value our partnership with both our laundry partners and Hands Industries who share a common vision with us for responsible sustainability and helping the less fortunate. The general public has been very receptive to our initiative and we are grateful for all of the generous contributions they have made so far.”