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Isuzu challenge takes ‘D-Max’ from Kingdom’s west to east

D-Max has achieved great success in the Saudi market.
Several years ago, Isuzu Company conducted a unique experiment to demonstrate the fuel economy feature of “Isuzu D-Max” pickup. The vehicle drove from Riyadh in the central region to Jeddah on the western coast of the Kingdom without stopping for refuelling, and thus achieving an unprecedented experience that was hailed by many automotive experts.
Isuzu will put D-Max once again in a similar challenge this year, and drive the pickup for the longest possible distance in order to prove the fuel economy feature of D-Max, on one hand, and the pickup engine power, durability and efficiency, on the other hand.
The starting point of the first phase will be the new waterfront in Jeddah to the Saudi capital of Riyadh. The second phase’s starting point will be Riyadh to the farthest point that can be reached in the Eastern Province with one full fuel tank (76 liters). The technical team will seal the fuel tank of the pickup so that it cannot be opened until the pickup arrives at its final destination.
After the arrival of the pickup at the last point, the total distance traveled with one full tank of fuel will be revealed.
“The all-new Isuzu D-max features many high-end specifications that combine durability, easy manoeuvring, high stability, agility and a luxurious cabin that offers high levels of comfort and safety, along with a diesel-driven engine with the lowest emission rate. D-Max is available in 4X2 and 4X4 variants for the clients to choose,” a press release said.
Over the years, D-Max has achieved great success in the Saudi market. The truck won the “Best Pickup” award in Saudi Arabia last year.

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