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Sanofi KSA launches next generation basal insulin

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sheikh
The control of blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes stays sub-optimal, with one in two patients on treatment for diabetes not reaching their glycemic objectives. With the aim of resolving this unmet need of patients, Sanofi KSA has launched a next generation basal insulin.
Dr. Saud Al-Sifiri, head of the endocrinology department at Al-Hada Hospital, said: “The International Diabetes Federation Report 2015 showed that the prevalence of diabetes in Saudi Arabia is 20 percent in the adult population. This ranks Saudi Arabia as the highest in the Middle Eastern countries and No.6 worldwide. This is primarily due to increasing obesity, sedentary lifestyles and an aging population and is the cause of substantial morbidity and mortality.”
Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sheikh, professor of internal medicine and endocrinology at King Abdul Aziz University and chairman of the Saudi Diabetes Society, added: “Hypoglycemia is associated with a high cost for the patient, the health care system, and society at large; there has been associated direct cost of hypoglycemia like hospitalization, physician cost and emergency cost, and indirect cost including the absence from work, reduced work capability and other related accidents. All of these have a direct effect on reducing quality of life, and reduced or even lost work capacity are additional costs to society.”
Dr. Ahmed Serag said: “Sanofi is proud of its leadership and long heritage in diabetes and insulin therapies, consisting of a vast offering of insulins which have supported patients in the management of their diabetes for more than a year.
We are committed to bringing innovative therapies that go beyond the pill and intend to provide much better health results for individuals with diabetes in Saudi Arabia. With the introduction of the next generation basal insulin we provide a reliable option that will resolve some of the previously unmet needs of diabetic patients in the Kingdom.”
According to the WHO, it is estimated that there have been more than 760,000 emergency hospitalizations per year; due to diabetes.
The cost of diabetes is around SR17 billion ($4.53 billion) per year; it is estimated to rise to SR27 billion if undiagnosed patients undergo treatment and eventually it will rise even further to SR43 billion if pre-diabetic patients became diabetic.

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