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Yemen airstrikes very accurate, respecting military rules of engagement: Arab coalition incidents assessment team

Mansour Ahmed Al-Mansour. (AN photo)
JEDDAH: Coalition forces always took into consideration that air strikes should abide by international humanitarian law and rules of engagement, Mansour bin Ahmed Al-Mansour, spokesman of the Joint Incidents Assessment Team (JIAT), said on Tuesday.
Al-Mansour was speaking at a press conference at the Officers’ Club in Riyadh to announce the team’s findings in response to allegations by international organizations about coalition military operations targeting Houthi militias.
Al-Mansour said that military intervention, mainly through air strikes, always has one priority, which was to hit military targets using state-of-the-art technology that guaranteed accuracy in striking the posts of Houthi militias, always taking into consideration that these strikes abide by the international humanitarian law and the rules of military engagement.
He responded to 14 allegations that were investigated by the assessment team, an initiative of the coalition forces to ensure that all military operations are executed professionally and accurately while sparing the lives of civilians, one of the top priorities of the coalition, and reflecting its seriousness in bearing the consequences of any mistakes that might occur.

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