Watch: Fully-female Emirates team helms A380 long haul flight from Dubai

All-women Emirates flight from Dubai to San Francisco. (Supplied)
Updated 07 March 2018

Watch: Fully-female Emirates team helms A380 long haul flight from Dubai

DUBAI: Emirates airline has launched a video highlighting the pivotal role women play in the company with an all-women A380 flight from Dubai to San Francisco in celebration of International Women’s Day.
The video gives a behind the scenes look into the female employees’ roles in multiple sections of the Emirates flight to the US.
From the on-board flight crew to security, technicians and engineers, a total of 75 women from 25 different nationalities took over the flight.

Woman make up 40 percent of the airline’s workforce, according to local daily Khaleej Times. They come from 150 different countries, with nearly 1,150 of those being Emiratis working in a wide selection of roles, the report added.
And 20 percent of supervisory and managerial roles are also filled by women.

French couple tie knot in yellow-vest themed wedding

Updated 11 December 2018

French couple tie knot in yellow-vest themed wedding

  • The couple met a few weeks ago at a roadblock protest
  • They held the wedding at another roadblock at a nearby tolling station

DUBAI: Out of the madness of the Yellow Vests protests raging across Paris has sprung hope in the form of newlywed bliss.

After having met less than a month ago during a yellow vest roadblock in the Occitanie commune of Tarbes, two strangers, known only as “Chouchoune” and “Coco bel œil”, decided to tie the knot in a bizarre yellow-vest themed wedding ceremony, local media reported.

On Saturday, as violent protests broke out across the country, the couple held an outdoor wedding ceremony during a roadblock at a tolling station in nearby Séméac. The bride wore a tailor-made neon-yellow dress made from the reflective vests, and donned a crown of yellow flowers, while the groom wore a full suit of the reflective neon material.

Pictures of the wedding were posted to Twitter.

200 yellow-vest-clad guests attended the ceremony as the head of Tarbes’s gilets jaunes group presided over the ceremony. She pronounced the couple married whilst wearing a tricolor wig in the colors of the French flag, French daily La Depeche du Midi reported.

Given the roadblocks they’re currently taking part in, the couple’s honeymoon consisted of a “romantic” motorcycle tour around a nearby roundabout.