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Saudi Arabia

US ‘60 Minutes’ to air interview with Saudi crown prince

Photo showing Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman being interviewed by Norah O’Donnell’s from CBS “60 Minutes” show (CBS)
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will appear on the CBS “60 Minutes” program, one of the most popular US television shows.

An interview with the crown prince by “CBS This Morning” co-host Norah O’Donnell will be screened on Sunday, March 18, two days before the Saudi leader’s meeting with US President Donald Trump.

The wide-ranging interview is the Saudi prince’s first for American television. The last time a Saudi leader gave an interview to a US network was in 2005.

O’Donnell spent a week in Saudi Arabia, reporting on the Kingdom’s political, economic and social reforms, many introduced by the crown prince. The 32-year-old heir to the throne has initiated sweeping changes for women, including giving them the right to drive.

The crown prince, who is also the Kingdom’s deputy prime minister and its defense minister, was asked by O’Donnell about the country’s role in the civil war in Yemen, Saudi relations with the US, and the Kingdom’s disputes with Iran. The crown prince also discussed his anti-corruption crackdown that resulted in hundreds of prominent Saudis being detained at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh.

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