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Arab interior ministers call for joint security action to confront terrorism

Arab Interior Ministers Council held its 35th session on Wednesday. (SPA)
ALGIERS: Prince Abdul Aziz bin Saud called for intensified cooperation among the security agencies to confront terrorism when the Arab Interior Ministers Council held its 35th session on Wednesday

The Council met under the patronage of Algerian President Abdul Aziz Bouteflika and with the participation of the supreme security delegations in addition to representatives of a number of Arab and UN institutions.

Prince Abdul Aziz, Saudi Arabia's interior minister, said: “In light of successive events targeting the security, stability, and unity of our Arab homeland, we gather today to confront the consequences of these events with determination and common destiny. It is no secret that our council is one of the pillars of confronting all evils that target our societies.

“With regard to the Iranian blatant interferences in various countries in the world, particularly the Arab countries, and its support for terrorism to destabilize and tear apart societies through its terrorist and extremist arms which were founded and nurtured in a number of our Arab countries, we have to confront this danger, particularly that these terrorist organizations challenge legitimate governments and abduct the decision-making and sovereignty from these governments,” he added.

The prince called for intensifying cooperation among the security agencies in various fields and to push the Arab joint security action.

The session was attended by security delegations and representatives of the Arab League, the Arab Maghreb Union, Interpol, and the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism.

Algerian Interior Minister Noureddine Badawi stressed the importance of coordinating and intensifying efforts among Arab interior ministers to preserve the Arab world’s safety. Badawi also stressed the need to join hands in order to fight the terrorism some Arab countries have suffered from.

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