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VIDEO: Lion attacks small girl in cage as children play

The moment the young lion lunges at the small girl as other children flee (YouTube screengrab)
DUBAI: This video captures the moment a little girl was suddenly leapt on by a young lion in the animal’s enclosure during what was supposed to be a children’s activity at the Jeddah Spring festival in the Saudi city.
In the video, that was captured by an onlooker, small children can be seen playfully running around inside an enclosure while the lion’s handler seems to hold the creature on a lead.
The children can be heard playfully screaming and laughing. But suddenly the fun turns to fear as the cat falls back on its hind legs and strikes out at the small girl.
“The children were delightfully playing and the lion seemed to have been attracted by the butterfly ribbon on the head of the girl,” the lion’s handler, Faisal Aseeri was quoted as saying.
The man can be seen quickly rushing to the girl’s rescue and restraining the cat as the other children can be seen running away – their screams now filled with fear.
Aseeri said the lion’s claws had been removed, so the girl was not seriously hurt. He added that he believed the children’s screams and shouts before the incident might have caused ‘tension and fear.’
According to the UAE daily Gulf News, the big cat’s handler is now being questioned over the incident. The girl is thought to have made a full recovery, having not been seriously injured.

Now see the horrifying moment the lion pounced on the little girl