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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Human Rights Commission: Kingdom has gone beyond legislation to promote women’s rights

JEDDAH: The Human Rights Commission in Saudi Arabia said in a statement on International Women’s Day that the Kingdom has taken measures and issued legislation to address some of the challenges for women’s rights.
These rights were guaranteed by Islamic law and regulations in the Kingdom and the international conventions to which the Kingdom was party.
The commission said that Saudi Arabia had gone beyond enacting legislation to correct misconceptions that might constitute an obstacle to the empowerment of women, in addition to the measures taken in the field of human rights education.
“Today, Saudi women have a high-status thanks to God and then the directives of King Salman and the crown prince.”
The commission added that Saudi Arabia had given women’s rights a high degree of attention, based on the principles and provisions of Islamic law, which necessitated the preservation of their rights, respect for their dignity, and prohibited any injustice against them.
This was reflected in the legal and institutional frameworks that guarantee the protection of women’s rights, foremost of which is the Basic Law on Governance which ensures that the Kingdom’s rule is based on justice and equality and that the state protects human rights in accordance with Islamic law. The state carried out a series of reforms and reviewed the laws and regulations to support and empower women.
The commission noted that Vision 2030 came with developmental and economic programs and initiatives that enhanced women’s participation in construction and development. Further legislative, judicial and administrative measures have been taken to promote and protect women’s rights.

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