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LG Dual Inverter delivers exceptional energy efficiency

Energy efficient air conditioners are becoming more common across the globe, driven by rising electricity costs and eco-friendly consumers. Electricity rates increased by 300 percent in 2018, and gas prices have skyrocketed as well.
In addition to these rising energy costs, recent MEPS regulations on electronic goods have helped convince Saudi consumers of the necessity of energy efficient air conditioners.
The LG Dual Inverter is a high-performing air conditioner that is setting new standards in energy efficiency.
“According to the statistics, 60 percent of a monthly electricity bill in summer is from AC consumption and rest is other electrical equipments. Hence, the LG Dual inverter is the key solution in decreasing the monthly electricity bill up to 53 percent,” LG said in a press release.
“The Dual Inverter has been tested to give a good performance even when the harsh climate in Saudi Arabia reached up to 60˚C, the compressor is able to perform in up to 65˚C outside temperature.
“This is a major breakthrough in HVAC because most of the non-inverter and inverter technology ACs failed to perform at the temperature above 55˚C and consumed huge amounts of electricity putting a massive dent in monthly expenses,” the electronics giant said.
The Dual Inverter allows the air conditioner to operate at variable speeds, meaning that it can be adjusted to suit indoor conditions and operate efficiently in any setting. Just like how an automatic car changes gears to match input from its driver, the inverter compressor’s ability to shift output depending on environmental conditions gives it incredible efficiency and versatility.
“We understand the importance of reducing energy consumption for Saudi consumers, and we’ve designed our latest energy efficient air conditioners to drastically reduce energy intake.” said Seong-jin Jo, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance and Air Solution Company.
He added: “In 2018, LG will continue focusing on developing innovative products with an emphasis on creating value for our consumers.”

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