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Will controversial Egypt TV host Tawfik Okasha make a comeback?

Egyptian TV host Tawfik Okasha could be making a comeback. (Screenshot on YouTube)
CAIRO: Recent news reports in Egypt have claimed that controversial Egyptian TV host Tawfik Okasha will be making a comeback soon, following a two-year absence, attributed to his illness.
Social media users have been sharing posts linked to the TV channel Okasha had worked at — also owned by him — claiming that he will make an appearance on March 14, as part of a program called “Kalam Gedid” (New Talk).
His son, Mohamed Tawfiq Okasha, recently told a newspaper that his father will address audiences through a YouTube video on Wednesday, regarding his alleged comeback.
He also told Al-Masry El-Youm that his father has suffered from health issues due to a stroke, adding that Okasha has lost lots of weight as result.
Okasha had his Parliament membership withdrawn in 2016 after holding an an unauthorized meeting he had held with the Israeli ambassador to Cairo.
He was also sentenced to one year in prison and fined LE5,000 for forging his PhD degree.
Owner of television channel El-Faraeen at the time, Okasha established himself as a strong voice for the underprivileged.
He was reportedly “forced to go off the screen” after criticizing President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and his cabinet, and for calling for early presidential elections.

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