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Beirut nightclub shut down after sexually-explicit stage performance

Clubbers were shocked at the scenes unfolding on the stage. (Screengrab)
DUBAI: Lebanese clubbers were left shocked at the weekend as two female performers cavorted on stage in a sexually explicit live show which saw them ripping each other’s costumes off.
Some clubbers were so disgusted by the scenes unfolding in front of them that they walked out of the exclusive venue.
In video footage that was sent to Arab News but is too explicit to show and has now gone viral across social networks, people can be heard gasping in disbelief as one of the performers poured hot wax from a burning candle onto the other woman’s body.
On Tuesday, Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces shut down Beirut’s Discotek club, after Interior Minister Nohad Al-Machnouk saw the videos and called for those responsible to be held accountable.
Speaking to Arab News, one woman, who asked only to be named as Roya and witnessed the shocking show, said: “I did not expect this kind of nudity and profanity on stage, it was just a normal night with my friends before all this happened.”
“We all turned around and couldn’t watch — some people even left the club immediately,” she added.
“It was a surprise when one of the dancers undressed the other. I personally was not expecting that to happen. I don’t believe anyone attending the event from the guests, planners, or management was expecting it either,” Houssam, another clubber, told Arab News.
The club issued a statement on their social media platforms apologizing for the incident saying “Neither Discotek management, nor the Cirque Le Soir management, were aware of the individual actions of the performers.”
“Cirque Le Soir is a renowned show that is currently on a World Tour. We have conveyed our objection to Cirque Le Soir management for the unacceptable acts. We realize that some of you may have been offended and that was never our intention,” the statement added.
The club's management declined to make any comments on the incident.
Arab News tried contacting Beirut’s municipality and Cirque Le Soir for comment but received no answer.