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Hillary Clinton takes a slip – twice – as she walks down stairs during India visit

Hillary takes a fall, twice
CAIRO: Hillary Clinton has once again taken a topple, this time while descending stairs during a visit to India this week, just five months after she broke a toe in London.

The former presidential candidate tumbled not once, but twice as walked down stairs during her visit to the ancient fort of Jahaz Mahal in India’s central Mandu city, according to the Daily Mail.

Clinton slipped on the first few steps, but was saved from falling by a man who was able to hold her up by her left arm.

But as another man came to her aid, she tripped again, nearly falling to the floor as her leg extended out in front of her.

Refusing to be beaten Clinton then kicked off her sandals and continued barefoot without issue.

Clinton is in India to promote her book on her loss in the 2016 presidential elections.

Last year, the former US First Lady broke her toe while walking down a set of stairs at a London hotel.